Section 8 Tutorials

Supporting Video Tutorials and Information (Section Eight)

The following links are called out and discussed in the the eBook titled "Shut Up and Shoot!" under Section Eight. 
They may of course be used by the general public. However, to be fully understood and to comprehend the actual usage, it is recommended to acquire the eBook. 

These videos cover Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro for the purpose of shortcuts in post-processing of stock footage. Learn how to cut , slice and dice and render footage efficiently and effectively using the software of your choice. Learn the limitations and exploits of each software product as well. 

(The following links will open up new browser windows as a convenience and so that you don't lose this page.)

For Section Eight - "Batch the Render or Render the Batch"

Or, if your browser has issues showing the playlist above, visit the links directly:
Get your software (click on the packs):

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Production Suite
Sony Vegas Pro 11.x

Online Versions of the Spreadsheets 

Some additional or possible alternatives for processing stock footage:

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