Fine Art?

So what is this all about? I suppose you are wondering what the heck does fine art have to do with stock media?

The simple answer is; a lot!

You see; I started producing fine art a while back based on an inquiry from a fine art gallery in St. David, AZ (Gallery of Dreams). They saw some of my stills from some of the lightning storms that I had filmed over the years. As I do these in super high resolution, I was able to take some single frames and convert them into such fine art. These frames are now available at this gallery as framed and matted and under the guise of MOPIC Fine Art (Motion Picture Fine Art).

This concept and other ideas are covered in the eBook under Section Fifteen.

Here are just a few such examples:

Cactus Dancer

Cloud Jumper

Competitive Power
Greetings from Zeus

If you would like to see more; visit my online site and preview area -

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