Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drink Some Juice - you will See The Results in your Imagery - Part 1

So what does Juicing have to do with Getting "Your Unbelievable and Fantastic Footage?

(Disclaimer: The following story is 100% "my story". The stuff I did worked for me. I can not guarantee that this is a solution for physical ailments that you may have. However, I, for myself realized that any of these things I did would in the worst case simply not work. But at least they wouldn't cause more damage by simply doing them.)

Well. let's start with a little back story first.

About 3 weeks ago I finished painting my roof. That's what we do in Arizona to maintain our perfectly white roofs. Prior to that, I had to re-build a fence at my folk's house which entailed in hauling 150 lb pieces of finished redwood panels, pouring concrete for the posts etc.. all for about 280 ft. of fence. Then I had to do roof repairs on their roof (as well as paint it too). Prior to painting, both roofs needed to be pressure washed. This is a tedious and horrible exercise on the back.

The fence and roof at my folk's house was in desperate need of repair due to a so called "micro-burst". A "micro-burst" can be viewed as being a very small and tight tornado that lasts for only a few seconds. But the damage is usually quite severe. This happened right at the end of the monsoon season.

In any case, I finished my roof on Sunday 3 weeks ago. Monday morning I was in such pain, that I couldn't even stand, not mention couldn't walk one step. Getting out of bed became a 1 hour ordeal. My sciatic nerve was pulsating so strongly that on both legs it felt as if someone was ramming a sword up inside from my feet. I do not wish this on even my worst enemy. Perhaps this was from overdoing the work as well as stress. It was scary to say the least. Additionally, this caused me to suffer from camera withdrawal symptoms. Hell, I couldn't even lift a camera not to mention a tripod. I knew I was in real trouble.

Finally decided to try some Myotherapy and lots of juice, and definitely not a chiropractor!

My folks used to play tennis with a lady (Bonnie Prudden) years ago. She unfortunately passed away several years ago. However, she left quite a legacy and several understudies behind. These people are known as Myotherapists. The concept of Myotherapy is simple. Find certain pressure points on any muscle and work it for not just a cure, but ongoing for always keeping the "pressure" or "pain" in check. I also researched other methods and found that certain juices act as very powerful anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

My first session of Myotherapy was most interesting. I did not know that I could move or relax my muscles to do the things I did within a short session. When we started, I was literally hanging on to anything possible to just take a few steps. Right after, I was able to actually walk and stand in a nice warm shower. I was intrigued. I learned about a few simple, no, very simple exercises that only would take a few minutes every hour or so. I was absolutely amazed.

Think about this. My sciatic nerve was totally inflamed to the point that I was in total pain down to my toes, in fear that I was going to suffer a long time and maybe never heal. A friend of mine had this once, and suffered for over a year! Yeah. I was scared. I also realized that no combination of pain pills worked either. Besides, the last thing I want to do is be on drugs for an unspecified length of time. Forget ibuprofen (supposedly an anti-inflammatory), forget the Tylenol type "pain killers". They simply weren't enough. But something far more powerful and actually pretty good tasting did the trick. Juicing with ginger root (and turmeric root when in season)!

My Juicing formula based on things I discovered on the net.

I know everyone says that things you find on the net must be true. Right? Yeah. I was super skeptical but after finding this (and many other videos too):

I figured the worst that could happen is I spend 80 bucks on a juicer and maybe drink some healthy stuff regardless. Amazingly, about 15 minutes after drinking this concoction, which by the way tasted pretty darn good, I would literally feel the pain subside. It blew all the pain killers mentioned out of the water, and was probably a heck of lot easier on the stomach too. Fast forward to today. Yes. the day I write this. I am almost back to 100% plus, normal. What? Why the "plus" you ask? 

I feel more confident about hauling my equipment than ever!

So finally, here is why this story may be super important to you. 

In our business, we tend to "haul" lots of equipment around to "get those shots". Whether we are shooting for stock or shooting on a job, we take on physical positions that are not necessarily great for our legs, back, neck, arms, feet or our body in general. And this is usually after we haul the equipment to the location. That simple "hauling" can do unbelievable damage simply because is stresses the body in non conventional ways to start with. And then we expect our bodies to immediately relax so that we can contort ourselves to get that crazy slider move, or weird camera position on the ground, or simply having to stand for an hour while shooting an interview on a super hard studio floor. The list goes on. But you get the picture. 

Here is what my personal future holds. 

1. I plan on keeping up the juicing. I actually really like the natural "wake up call" in the morning from this stuff. Better and most likely healthier than coffee! I am living proof that this works. And there is one more side benefit that I didn't even think about - I lost 12 lbs in the last three weeks too! How cool is that?

2. Understanding that I need to do certain exercises to maintain the flexibility of my certain body parts to get "those shots", I feel far more confident and inspired to try new and crazy shots of all types. Whether on a slider, on the ground or sessions on a nasty hard concrete floor, these exercises are probably going to keep me going, and without fear of ending up in pain after a day's work with the camera. I can do a simple 2 to 3 minute stretch for my various limbs to "limber" up. 

3. I will most likely over the next several weeks create some videos showing some of these simple tactics so that you too can easily learn a few simple procedures for yourselves. After all, don't we all want to be comfortable and healthy so that we can do the camera work necessary? 

So stay tuned. Even though this may not have anything to do with lenses, equipment, shooting styles, or ... no, I take that back. It has everything to do with all that. Simply because if you can't move your body, the best lenses, equipment and knowledge won't do you a damn bit of good. 

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