Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time Lapse Motion Device Initial Review - The Syrp Genie

The Syrp Genie - What is it?

The Syrp Genie is very simply a very universal device that lets you move your video or DSLR in a very consistent and steady motion for the purpose of smooth video and very accurate time lapse with a clean movement on yet another plane. Quite simply - a really cool device to extremely help increase production value.

Why Increase Production Value?

In today's competitive world of stock media creation and in general, in all productions, one needs to come up with new ways to get shots. Time lapse is one thing. But time lapse with yet another motion along another axis is another. Tracking shots in real time or time lapse, or even panorama shots in time lapse or real time... that's what I am talking about. The key is keeping a very consistent speed in all regards. New angles. New camera motion. Now we're talking!

And it's Non-Proprietary!

This is what got me hooked. Yes. There are many time lapse devices out there. Pricey too. ANd most of them require their slider, their rig, their whatever. But what got me excited about this particular product was simply that with a little imagination, innovation and experimenting, this unit delivers and does so very nicely with just about anything. I simply love a very well designed product that lets you do so many things with it. The only downside is; it will most likely consume my life for the next several months. And that is not a joke. I have already started making a list of all the possibilities ranging from standard traversing on a micro dolly or slider to raising a jib. But there is lots more. Finally I have a unit that I can use for rotational shots, or vice-versa, make the subject rotate. (Think plates of food.) Very cool!

Watch the first videos of my first impressions... (a review of sorts):

Syrp Genie Review Part 1 - VV Notes from the Field

Syrp Genie Review Part 2 - VV Notes from the Field

Products Discussed in these Videos:
For the Genie itself: Visit www.syrp.co.nz, or simply do a search on eBay for "Syrp Genie" for a potential offering within your country or from some of their dealers.

And coming soon, using the Genie with this:

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