Monday, October 15, 2012

KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid - Concept Footage

I write a lot about using the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) concept in the book. Just to make a point, it works! What am I really talking about? Conceptual content? Concept clips? Snippets of life? Ideas and points to bring across or make? All of the above?

It is all of the above! If your goal is to create concepts, then do so. But keep it as simple as possible. Use metaphors, sayings, ideologies, issues, habits, functions of daily life and so on.. meaning simple ideas to film. There are really no rules to this process as everyone thinks or looks at things a bit differently. Take that into consideration as well. For example this clip titled "Legal human vices - alcohol and cigarettes or drinks and smokes -1" may be looked at from different perspectives. It could be from someone that loves the nightlife and digs it or it could be for someone that works on a show about rehabilitation. Simple enough, but multifaceted as well:

Or perhaps this one showing a simple everyday thing that we all seem to do. A cell phone rings, we look to see if we want to answer, then we either answer or screen the call:

Sometimes there is nothing obvious which tends to make it even more obvious. I remember when I shot this many years ago and in SD (standard definition) - I don't know why I shot it. Well, okay, I knew why. I mean who doesn't like looking at nice trade show bags and handbags? But all in all, this is a conceptual clip.. think about the metaphors of all of these clips. Then think about how you can shoot your own metaphorical stuff. 

Just so you understand... all three of these (and many more sold in just the last couple of weeks). I hope this inspires you to make yours. If you are unsure of the howto, then please pick up a copy of my e-book here as this is exactly what I write about and explain in detail.