Thursday, September 27, 2012

And sometimes it is pure luck!

So a couple of post ago I wrote about:

Sometimes it's luck with a little knowledge, other times...

This time I am writing about it being pure luck. I have the fortune of living in Tucson, AZ. This is the home of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Commander Mark Kelly. As you may know, the Commander was the Flight Commander of the very last flight of the space shuttle Endeavor. Actually, he was the Commander of the very last mission of the shuttle program altogether. His wife, Gabrielle, well, she put Tucson on the map in a very unfortunate way as we all should know. But she is a strong woman and has beat the odds on every front. Fantastic!

In any case, as these two very prominent individuals are local residents, it was arranged for the carrier (a big and bad customized 747 jet) along with Endeavor on board, to fly over our little city in honor of both of these individuals. Very nice! This would also be the very last flight Endeavor will ever make before it finds its final home in California in a museum. We were forewarned that this flight would come in low at approximately 1500 ft and fly over the University of Arizona Campus at 11:15 am on Sept 20th, 2012. So it did. Now that is a nice story isn't it? But it gets better...

I was actually aware of this event and prepped my cameras. I was also engaged with a plumber at the time on my house's roof as they were flushing (power jetting) all of my drains via the roof vents. So there I am on my roof keeping lookout for this big, bad and gigantic piggyback loaded 747. We all suspected it would come from the east so of course that is where I looked. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted the beast coming in the military flight path from the south east (over the I-10 freeway). Actually quite a way from me and not a good shot as it was pretty hazy and my lens wouldn't have reached for anything of value. Bummer. 

So I figured I would see if I could track the sucker for a few moments thinking he was headed straight over Davis Monthan AFB and then over the campus as planned. I basically conceded to the fact that I would miss this once and never again in a lifetime event. Double bummer. 

Then all of a sudden I hear this roaring noise coming from the south... I couldn't see anything as the big tree in my front yard was in the way. I grabbed the cameras just in case... and good thing I did....

In slow motion:

The tail:

Real time with sound:

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