Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Transit of Venus - Voila!

A few posts ago I wrote a little about how I would attempt to film in time-lapse the transit of Venus. Basically or simply, a single polka dot traversing the great b all in the sky we call the Sun.

As it turned out, it seemed to work out far better than I could have imagined. Even though we were literally dying in the heat of about 107 degrees for about 5 hours, we did manage to keep the cameras cool by simply using that aluminum foil wrapping method around the front of the camera body, basically the same method I used for the solar eclipse a few weeks prior.

The one an major difference this time was that I used a solar filter cover over the lens as opposed to using extreme levels of ND filtration along with polarizing filters. Although that may have worked, this time I just wanted to see how this method would look. So on the way to my shooting location I visited my friends over at Starizona. They not only had the materials on hand to create such a filter, but actually helped me by assembling one (custom mind you!) for my 200mm lens. I actually shot at 400mm with the 2x converter attached. Yes, this was really sweet. I literally got the filter about an hour before the beginning of filming Have a look at the image. The filter is the square thing or thin foil on the lens made of a special material designed to view the sun without going blind or burning up your camera's sensor! Again, the guys at Starizona were unbelievably awesome in helping with this project as he assembled the ring from poster board layers wrapped in a circle to match the size of the lens and for a snug fit. He also silicone glued the film onto this "ring" of poster board and voila! Of course the thing dried very quickly due to our heat. So I was in business just in time.

So without further blah blah.. here is some samples of the results:

The Stock Footage:

The Fine Art:

From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012
From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012
From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012
From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012
The Promo:

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