Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Profitable Side-Effects - Section 15

For those of you that are enjoying the eBook and have glazed through Section 15 (More Profitable Side-Effects), may want to get a bit of a better idea, or ideas of just what really can occur and how to leverage your hard work even more.

It's Spring time! The blossoms are blooming, the wildlife is awake and the insects are hard at work. This is probably one of the most appealing times in the desert other than the monsoon season. At least for me. Now I know that many can't stand the monsoon season here in Arizona due to the extreme heat and humidity. But that is what makes for great storm footage. On the other hand Spring time offers up a real treat. Not only is the weather awesome, but the natural events of things blooming is also very cool. However, there is a time limit on these events.

For example; a Hedgehog cactus only blossoms for about a week or so. So timing is crucial for capturing such an event. Particularly when it can take up to 4 hours on any given day for the blossoms to open, starting in the wee early morning. Not just that, but catching the right day where the blossoms are in full bloom. 

I shot this clip (in .jpg and RAW format!) this year, shortly before heading off to Las Vegas for the NAB show. I just had to. It was an obsession. I spent those 4 hours shooting a time-lapse just to get the visual effect of a blossom opening. I wondered while shooting if it would be a salable clip. Who cares? It is nature at its finest. But most likely at some point it will sell. Actually it will sell as both a piece of stock and as fine art. I am sure of that. It is usually just a question of time. Worst case scenario; I was able to capture nature doing its thing in time-lapse. Just more experience and more time with the camera. Oh, and it was a real treat and fun too.

Processed using Adobe After Effects. View the tutorial on this process:

And here is the resulting footage:

And then of course an image that can be blown up to a full 20"x30" for the Fine Art Gallery as well:

From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012

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