Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Delightful review of "Shut Up and Shoot" from England

My friend Martin Ellerbeck from the other side of that pond we know as the Atlantic has fully read the book and acknowledged that fact that I can spell. As you will see in this video, he got the message loud and clear. There are no secrets other than having a "Pint" and relaxing while shooting for stock. And yes, I have been able to thoroughly brain wash my English counterpart into actually generating more stock. My evil plan is working!

 He also makes mention at his very own blog known as Pondcasts.com or more specifically at this entry. Martin, you continue to entertain us with your wonderful humor and I can't thank you enough for the mention of my eBook in your video(s). (Notice the "s" in parentheses at the end of "video" - this is a hint hint to Martin to make many more such videos with plugs of course and to keep on shooting stock.)

If you want to see some of Martin's work on Pond5 - then simply visit the bin:

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