Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just About There - Are You Ready? 2 Days to GO!

Hello all!

Here we are 2 days before the release of the eBook and things are getting exciting around here. I have been putting together all the possible places you may want to visit that actually support this eBook. So check out the links above under "Links & Videos". And of course you are always welcome to have a look at the "Free Preview!" as well. 

When the store opens, I will be preparing and heading out to Las Vegas to NAB, the industry trade-show. Of course I will be submitting lots of stuff over the several days starting Monday, April 16, to the Facebook page, probably twitter and also here. So keep on checking in to get the latest news on cool stuff related to this industry and of course this eBook. 

The countdown commences! 

As a side note: When I started writing this book, I really wasn't sure about how it would be received. After all, this is my first. I have distributed copies to various individuals that are mentioned throughout the book as references etc... and wow... they like it! I hope to get some reviews back from some of these individuals and when I do, I will certainly post them. (Good or Bad).  

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