Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ZAXWERKS NAB Special good through 05/15/2012

Another great deal from Zaxwerks, Inc., the makers of ProAnimator and Invigorator Pro are offering NAB2012 specials until May 15th, 2012. For example; get ProAnimator Bundle (a $1643 value) for $950, or Invigorator Pro Bundle (a $1493 value) for $770.

These are plug-ins for a variety of NLE's as well as of course Adobe After Effects.

Better hurry though.. these deals don't last forever.

Use code NAB2012 on their web store: http://zaxwerks.com/price_list.shtml for any of their products for discounts today.

Of course if you are seeing this after the expiration date, you will most likely always find a deal over at ToolFarm.com on these and many other products as well.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Super Deals for Super Artists!

I have this extreme feeling of guilt which forces me to share the following information with you. The guilt comes from me getting a deal and not letting you know about it right away. Of course I only found out about it at NAB a couple of days, no, one day ago.. just as I was headed out on the last day of the show.... Yes, this is urgent for anyone one of you that likes super discounts on stuff. By stuff, I mean software, or should I say plug-ins?

In any case, for those of you that want things to slow down a bit, and maybe be less "noisy", not to mention morph into other things and lots more, then use code REVisionNAB2012 and order your Effections Bundle from RE:Vision Effects (www.revisionfx.com) software company right away. "Why?" You dare ask? Well, simply because the deal ends on May 4th, 2012. That's why! 

By using this code, you will get a 50%, yes that's 50% off on the Effections Bundle. That is one heck of an NAB 2012 special!

There. Now I don't feel so guilty anymore. Just use the code and see what the discounts are. They are unbelievable across the board. But you had better do it before May 4th or else you wallet will really be empty.


P.S. Don't tell 'em I sent you. It's supposed to be a secret.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Shut Up and Shoot Released!

So a few hours ago I posted that stuff below the line. And in reality it is all true -  midnight has passed, at least on the International Dateline. So yes, to answer your question; you can now purchase and download your very own copy of this #1 seller! Alright, it may not be number one yet, but hey, I can always dream. So get yours today! Enjoy.

To order simply click on the link above titled "Buy Now" for a full description of the eBook and buttons to click on for purchase, or just click on the big button in the right-hand column... either way, you need this for sure! :)


<Posted a few hours ago before the post above :) >
I really appreciate the enthusiasm of responses that I am getting. Thank you all for inquiries and such, and most of all the interest you are showing.

So here is the scoop: Tonight at midnight the buttons go live and you can order the eBook online with instant download. You will also get to download a couple of free gifts in the form of spreadsheets to help you on your time-lapse calculations.

There are also several video tutorials online that go hand in hand with the eBook and actually show you some nifty dirty tricks on how to process footage quickly and efficiently.

Basically; it's all coming together tonight!

I personally am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with the ordering system. (A well established company is handling that for me. See the link below.) - I will be on the road tomorrow on my way from Tucson to Las Vegas so that I can be at NAB starting Monday. I will be talking to several companies and hopefully be doing many interviews that will be related to this topic and eBook. So in any case - always check back as there will most likely be lots of new information as supplement coming down the pike. (Or should I say down the "Net"?)

Thanks again for all your support and good reading.

Andreas K. Hohl - Author "Shut Up and Shoot!"

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just About There - Are You Ready? 2 Days to GO!

Hello all!

Here we are 2 days before the release of the eBook and things are getting exciting around here. I have been putting together all the possible places you may want to visit that actually support this eBook. So check out the links above under "Links & Videos". And of course you are always welcome to have a look at the "Free Preview!" as well. 

When the store opens, I will be preparing and heading out to Las Vegas to NAB, the industry trade-show. Of course I will be submitting lots of stuff over the several days starting Monday, April 16, to the Facebook page, probably twitter and also here. So keep on checking in to get the latest news on cool stuff related to this industry and of course this eBook. 

The countdown commences! 

As a side note: When I started writing this book, I really wasn't sure about how it would be received. After all, this is my first. I have distributed copies to various individuals that are mentioned throughout the book as references etc... and wow... they like it! I hope to get some reviews back from some of these individuals and when I do, I will certainly post them. (Good or Bad).