Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This e-Book's Deployment Paradox - A Monster in the Works

So here it is. A new year. A new season. And already many revisions.

I have been debating myself on just how to release this Insider's Guide to the Stock Medial Industry so that it makes sense without facing deadlines and without having to inject midstream revisions. By definition an e-book is a product that you can download in its completeness and then read at your leisure on whatever device you so happen to do this on. However, the problem with this is that such an e-book is finite in nature. At least until the next revision comes out. Right?

Well, I have come to the conclusion that this particular e-book, or should I say the e-book's topic, is extremely dynamic. As I have been working on this e-book off and on, in between other work, over the past year, it has literally evolved into a monster of sorts. As the industry has moved and taken so many turns in general, it has become obvious that this is truly a living and breathing organism of sorts. Hence, just publishing an e-book for the sake of publishing an e-book would be defeating the whole purpose.

Will a first revision ever be published? Yes, of course. I hope to fully release such a version, or 1st revision this Spring. However, I must point out that the complete version will be supported right here with updates over time as the entire somewhat modified version will appear over the next year or two right here on this forum, blog or whatever we want to call it. And I must point out that I have come to the conclusion that the first revision published will certainly do the job it is intended for. However, by appending in real time, which the Internet lets you do very nicely, this side of the world will most likely get into far more detail than the published version ever could.

So what does all this mean to you? Very simply, you now will have a choice of how you wish to have this information delivered.

  • You can stay tuned, over the next year or two (or more) to this blog, forum, living and breathing sensation, by checking back frequently and being patient as the information will be offered up over the next couple of years. Of course the information offered here will be much more up to date as it is delivered pretty much in real time. You will literally see the first revision be posted again piece by piece here, with updates, enhancements and new information every so often. Hence, as time passes, the first revision will literally be a living and breathing monster of information at this blog. The downside will simply be that you have to wait over time for all of it to be posted here. It could be a year, it could be two. I don't really know how long it will take as it depends on so many things. 
  • You can purchase the finished e-book for download when it is finished and get the full current revision, pronto. Make no mistake, this is still a viable option for all that need or want all the information now. I recommend this particularly for those that are thinking about getting into this industry.  By purchasing the e-book when it's ready, you will at least have pretty much all the information at hand immediately to get going.
  • Of course you can do both. This might actually is the best option for all. I know this sounds much like a sales pitch to sell the e-book. But it's not. I believe, based on what I have experienced in the last year, the changes, the methods, everything you can think of, might make it interesting for you to see just how drastic these revisions turn out to be. Hence, the e-book will be more focused on the basics and fundamentals, as they rarely change. This blog on the other hand will deal with a bit more detail and keep you up to date in regards to new methods, strategies and so on. 
And now a small excerpt of what's to come.... the Preface:

I remember the first time I ever had a creative thought that actually stuck with me. I was just a kid, about ten years old, using my dad's Edixa Reflex 35mm camera to take a picture of a Lion at a Swiss zoo. I thought to myself, if this comes out really nice, I could probably sell it to some magazine and make enough money to buy some model trains. I loved trains, particularly the Swiss trains. My dream was to become a locomotive engineer one day, and drive them over the Swiss Alps. I actually followed through on that dream, by returning to Switzerland several years later to study mechanical engineering, with the intent of driving those trains. I even graduated. However, the train-driving dream was squashed, as there were simply no job openings at the time of my graduation. That was in the late 70's, with the threat of a recession looming on the horizon.

I soon returned to the US, without much hope or joy. I jumped from job to job, not really excited about much, until I began selling encyclopedias door-to-door. Now that was a real wakeup call. I hated it! There was something about it, however, that interested me greatly: I wanted to be the man in the boss's chair. Why? Because he was sitting at the top, while the rest of us were generating the money. He had what I later learned was called residual income. But even more important than that, he had one of the first VCR's to hit the market. This was a whole new world. You could literally rent a movie for about $12 to $15, once you joined an exclusive club for $900 per year.

He made a remark that stuck with me forever: "Think about all the repeating revenue created from just one movie! Now that's the kind of residual income that I like!"

I had that job for one year and quit. I knew I had to find something that could generate that model of income. The problem was, I still wasn't sure how to go about it.

Not long afterward, a girlfriend coerced me into taking a class at the local community college with her: Introduction to Computer Science. I was in heaven. I immediately realized that software was the medium I was searching for. Create it once, sell it lots of times, then get 'em again with upgrades. Great idea, lousy execution. Oh I created software, all right. Some of it was even usable. But I was soon on the burnout path; I knew I needed to change something – something was missing.

I thought about television, the movies, and the video rental thing many times. Of course, cameras at that time were still unbelievably expensive, and I was now a married man with responsibilities. So, I bought one anyway. A JVC S-VHS.  It was a big, clunky, cool-looking camera, and it weighed a ton! I filmed with it cautiously, as VHS tapes still cost a small fortune, batteries didn't last long, and oh yeah, it weighed a ton. Editing was still linear: tape-to-tape, and then again to tape. This all required a couple of VCR’s, of course. But it was cool. I had some pretty interesting experiences, but nothing of value...or so I thought.

My dream was not yet realized. I did many other things for several years in the tech sector until finally, gradually, a new era began: the age of the Internet. I was one of the first to embrace this thing we called "the Web.” As a matter of fact, I, from what I was told at the time, was the very first instructor to teach the language (HTML) to a business class back in the mid-90’s. There was, literally, only one small paperback book published that even could be considered as a guide or textbook for this purpose. (Thanks to my programming years, the language was a simple thing to comprehend.) As interesting and new as it was, it still left me wanting.

Then, at last, I discovered a road to residual income. I became an Internet website hosting company. How cool is that? People were paying me every month for a service. I felt as if I had just cracked the secret of every phone company out there, and I was at the top. Not too long into that game, however, the "Dot Com" or what I liked to call the "Dot Bomb" era happened. Again, I was left wanting, perhaps this time out of necessity.

I looked at many opportunities over time, but just couldn't quite seem to put my finger on what was missing. My life had taken so many paths, and I had neglected the whole video thing for so long, that once more, it took a wake-up call.

A friend happened to be talking about just how much film landed on the cutting room floor at all the studios in HollywoodI began to wonder, if I could get access to that trash, what could I do with it? Of course, it wasn't as if I could just walk in and tell them to give me all their dropped film. So what was the next best thing? Create it myself? Could someone buy it someday for use in a movie, perhaps? The era of non-linear editing on computers had begun; in fact, was a few years old already. New cameras that didn't weigh a ton were available. Wow! It was time for my next adventure! Mini-DV, or really, really, small VHS tapes, I thought. Super crisp imagery. Nice colors and no degradation from camera to computer. This was very exciting! And it didn't weigh a ton.

Although the Internet had really taken off, the whole multimedia thing was still in its infancy. It was a real problem trying to stream large pieces of footage over a dial-up connection. Technology still had a way to go, but we all saw a future.

Today, we know what we called the future back then is simply multimedia content. From movies to television to the Internet – nearly everyone uses it, enjoys it and now, more than ever, needs it. We have come to the era of a gazillion channels on TV, high speed Internet, and portable devices that smoke the computers from just a few years ago. Smart phone anyone? However, all of these toys need content. The content is quite simply, multimedia.

I made a conscious decision several years ago that I wanted to be part of this revolution, or generation of generators of multimedia. It fit everything I ever dreamed of: it is creative; it has no rules to speak of; it never dates itself; the demand will continue to grow. And last, but not least, it is the perfect mechanism to generate residual income!

I look at stock media, which is a part of multimedia, as something that one can grow, retain, and sell over and over again. Hence, it is a true asset. Just as a piece of property is considered an asset, so is a library of stock media. It does not lose value. On the contrary, as time passes, much stock footage gains value. It has historical value from the minute it is created. It is a tangible asset by every definition of the word. It can be passed down to your offspring in the same manner as cash, stocks, and bonds. It can accumulate wealth. It has a value. It is probably one of the few assets in this world that you, as the owner of the copyright, can manage in order to meet your demands, goals and ideas, and always grow and control 100 percent!

This type of industry allows for anyone, from any walk of life, and at any age, to participate, provided you understand the business, the technology and the market. That's what this book is all about. A guide. A reference. A "save-you-a-ton-of-research-and-hard-knocks-elimination tool", if you will.

You will learn quickly that this is the type of process that allows you to invest your time as you see fit. This is the type of business that, no matter when you begin, will enable you to eventually realize a residual base of income. This is the type of business that I encourage anyone who is young and ambitious to invest his or her time in, sooner rather than later. This is a business that one can easily pass on to sons and daughters. It's as simple as that.

The only thing needed to be successful in this business is patience, persistence, and yes, probably the insider information you get in this book. You control the time, the effort and the growth, not to mention the style, the art and the opportunity of your – what some people might call – nest egg.

So, no matter whether you are in high school, college or working as a janitor, are female or male, you are offered the most level playing field of opportunity right here, right now. I encourage those of all ages, all walks of life, to consider this as a possibility. Not just as something to do, but as something to build for your future.  I guarantee you will have the best time of your life.

I dream for a living. - Steven Spielberg

With that thought, I absolutely must thank my wonderful wife, because if I don't, she won't feed me anymore, and for not only putting up with me for all these years, but also for holding that umbrella over the camera during those intense lightning storms. Love the hairdo, Honey!  And of course my youngest son, whom every once in a while makes me stop and look at things a bit differently; particularly when I am uploading large footage files and eating up all the bandwidth he wants for his online gaming.

Many thanks to all the fellow shooters, models and creative idea people that have made this endeavor the hardest thing I have ever undertaken. Damn you all! And I mean that with all of my love. ;-) 

(Sounds kind of as if I just won and Oscar, doesn't it?)

I do hope that you, the readers, achieve great success, and I look forward to meeting many of you, along with your stories, in the near future. Now, get to it and start something big! Ah, I mean get ready to order this book!  :)

Just shut up and shoot! - Me

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  1. Inspiring stuff from the great Vader himself, I'm looking forward to the book!