Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel...

Well folks! Yes, it can happen and it is happening as we speak. I am starting to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. For the last couple of months I have been trying diligently to make progress on this what I now call my version of "War and Peace". Albeit, it is nowhere near as long as War and Peace, however it sure seems that way sometimes.

As I make progress, I also have to take into consideration that things have already changed. In some cases drastically. Most writers in such cases offer up a new revision. They like to use terms for marketing and sales such as "New and Revised Edition", or "Second" or "Third" edition. I plan on NOT following this methodology at all. On the contrary - One Edition - that's it! I am not a writer. I am simply a guy that has some cool information and that is willing to share it with you. That's all.

Now some of you are probably thinking; "Well, it will probably be so out of date, that it is and will be totally useless." "Not so!" says the writer. That would be me, even though I am not a writer. I plan on going about things a little bit differently than most. I will release an underlying "First Edition" yes. However, I will or have planned on it being a living and breathing thing. My take on it, is as follows:

  • As the basics and fundamentals really don't change, I will focus on those, in the actual published product. 
  • In the published product there shall be linkage to the current world that you will always have access to. It shall be so noted for you to easily find such fodder as well. 
  • I believe if the basic or initial product can be used as a guide, or a map if you will, then it will make more sense for the reader to quickly find the "new revision" goods here. 
  • Did I say here? Yes I did. You will find updates, videos and sometimes silliness right here on this blog. 
  • Such updates, videos and silliness shall refer back to the basic fundamental "First Revision" in many cases which would imply that you really should get your own copy of such. (Sneeeeeeky sales pitch.)
  • Don't know how to get that "First Revision"? Well, since it isn't ready yet, it wouldn't be available now either, would it? So have a little more patience and good things will come. (Hopefully)
So you may ask:
  • Why isn't it done yet?  - Fair question. Writing such an informative, awesome, inspirational, out-of-this-world, phenomenal, constructive, mind-inspiring, biblical, useful, handy, unbelievable and last but not least; thing full of words, is quite a task. Ever try it? Go ahead and give it a go. You will soon answer your own question. 
  • What is going to be so special about it?  - I recommend you re-read the prior question's answer. Focus particularly on the adjectives. (Those words that make it sound really cool.)
  • Why are you even doing this?  - I have asked myself that question many times. It's all about the money. I figure if I can sell a boat load of them, I will be rich. If not, I will come asking for life support. All kidding aside. It's all about the money. Really. I will also be auctioning off the Eiffel Tower next week on eBay. 
  • What do you mean it's all about the money?  - It is about richness. But not necessarily mine. It's more about yours. Your future. It is my little piece of work that may have a small impact on your long-term future. This small impact won't be just about potential revenue, but also about a lifestyle of pure and glorious fun. Some will embrace it purely by thinking about the money. But I would be willing to bet that many will embrace it simply because it is lots of fun. When you have lots of fun or really enjoy what you do, the money becomes a by-product.  I shall now explain, and by the way - this is an actual outtake from the actual "First and only Edition"... I think they call this the "Preface" - or basically a short form of why the heck I am even writing this guide. Yeah that's it.. forget everything I just said. It's not a book. It's not a novel. It's not a first, second or third or revised edition. It is however a guide. There. I said it. 

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