Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What not to buy regarding video cards....

A little background

I recently decided to do some upgrading on my nifty old and no longer supported Gateway FX6800e. This puppy came with a Radeon HD 4850 dual DVI port card and worked just dandy for its time. Oh yeah, and it had a whopping 3GB of ram and of course was loaded with Vista. Yuck. But hey, that's what it was at that time. 

Fast forward a few years. 

I upgraded the memory to a whopping 6GB. Cool. Oh, and also moved on to Windows 7 Ultimate as that was the only and easy upgrade path without having to re-install all the software apps which would have only taken about 3 days assuming I knew where all the license keys were as well as the actual software. Actually I have quite a bit, most of it downloaded versions, all fully licensed and legit... but man, what a pain.

And now: 

I decided as memory for this old thing has become so cheap to upgrade to a whopping 12 GB. Of course I also knew all along that the bios needed to be upgraded as well. Luckily I found the bios (even though Gateway doesn't really exist anymore and it is actually an Acer motherboard) and a couple of sharp articles with cool tools to do this cleanly. Yeah. (By the way, if anyone out there needs this stuff, let me know. I have it.) 

Then in my infinite wisdom I also decided it was time to get a powerful GPU accelerator video card. I figured since I knew it could handle my old and reliable Radeon of yesteryear, it should be able to handle the newer Radeon HD 7970 (by Sapphire). In my dreams! I spent a whopping 12 hours trying everything from adjusting this, that and the kitchen sink. I downloaded all the latest drivers from AMD only to find that it "pretended" to install with an ending message along the lines of "there were some warnings yada yada" and a button that stated "View Log". I clicked on that button every time (about 20 tries of re-installing). My pointer finger turned blue. My mouse was complaining of back aches and my computer just sat there smirking at me. It never ever showed me the damn log! Somewhere out there, several times on several blogs I did suddenly recall many tech heads writing bad things about AMD drivers. Hmmm.

I (and this is what happens late at night after a couple of Vodka Cranberries) decided to get risky and downloaded a "beta" driver set from AMD just for kicks. This was after I already sent a nasty gram to Sapphire. I even tried writing it in the same broken Chinenglish that they wrote their one page instruction manual in. Piece of real work I tell ya. In any case, the "beta" driver set installed with the same error and no, the damn "View Log" button still yielded nothing! However, this sucker took. I was actually for the first time able to see both my screens come to life as they should with the new card actually working.. somewhat. I tested a couple of apps that are graphic intense and they flew! Awesome! Photoshop, Particle Illusion, Sony Vegas Pro 12 and there was, well After Effects (CS6 mind you.) That didn't fly so well. Or should I say, not as well as one would expect. And there is a reason too. You see Adobe has a strong relationship with nVidia. Hence, forget AMD, Radeon, or ATI (which is AMD) - they simply will never be fully used by Premiere Pro or After Effects. These products really and only support the nVidia stuff. Lesson learned. 

But I could have lived with that. After all, everything still loaded and ran faster with the new card. At least that appeared to be the case at 2:00AM. But then again, it could have been the Vodka Cranberries messing with me. 

I decided it was time to call it a night. I put the system to sleep. As in "Not shut down, but sleep" - This morning I figured, I really could put this through some paces and see how it is performing. After all, the way to "wake up" the system is simply done by moving the mouse or tapping on the keyboard. So I did. 

After a few minutes of sitting there with crossed fingers, waiting patiently, I admired the two (dual) monitors in their pitch black state. The 'puter was on. The external raid was running. But all I got was that pure black. I hadn't really ever admired such a black. Maybe I will sell it as a stock footage piece called "The purest Black". 

Needless to say, the card is now removed and already on its way back to Newegg. And just so that you understand, they had absolutely no problem issuing a Return Material Authorization (RMA) along with even picking up the shipping. I didn't even have to yell or be condescending. :) - I knew there was a reason for ordering from them. I also sense that this all happened for a specific reason. Maybe the whole process was trying to tell me something about changing technologies anyway. 

So here is a quick synopsis:

  • Radeon HD Series Cards have major issues due to crappy drivers from AMD. This was determined easily as only the latest beta version somewhat worked.  Don't waste your time or your money.
  • Sapphire, the company lacks seriously in any type of valuable support or response. (Yes, I am still waiting for even a simple reply - I did get that auto-reply that says don't reply to this message.)
  • Newegg has probably what I would call the best customer service ever. I have been dealing with them now for years. This so far has been the worst case and they handled it wonderfully. 
  • Don't drink Vodka Cranberry if you have the flu. (Did I mention that I have the flu right now as well?)
  • Never put your computer to sleep when using AMD Radeon based tech. (I recalled right after putting the computer to sleep, that I read somewhere while digging for 12 hours that this "could" be an issue as well.)
  • Think nVidia.. this is also the better route for Adobe products anyway. 
So the saga will continue shortly. As soon as I get my GTX 670 in, I will let you know if it is true that nVidia is more stable and solid. Adobe seems to think so, so I will be happy if this is so. It will also really make my After Effects, Premiere and all the other apps run nicer too*.

* Just to clarify why nVidia - see here for latest update info and here for the original specs page.

Monday, October 15, 2012

KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid - Concept Footage

I write a lot about using the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) concept in the book. Just to make a point, it works! What am I really talking about? Conceptual content? Concept clips? Snippets of life? Ideas and points to bring across or make? All of the above?

It is all of the above! If your goal is to create concepts, then do so. But keep it as simple as possible. Use metaphors, sayings, ideologies, issues, habits, functions of daily life and so on.. meaning simple ideas to film. There are really no rules to this process as everyone thinks or looks at things a bit differently. Take that into consideration as well. For example this clip titled "Legal human vices - alcohol and cigarettes or drinks and smokes -1" may be looked at from different perspectives. It could be from someone that loves the nightlife and digs it or it could be for someone that works on a show about rehabilitation. Simple enough, but multifaceted as well:

Or perhaps this one showing a simple everyday thing that we all seem to do. A cell phone rings, we look to see if we want to answer, then we either answer or screen the call:

Sometimes there is nothing obvious which tends to make it even more obvious. I remember when I shot this many years ago and in SD (standard definition) - I don't know why I shot it. Well, okay, I knew why. I mean who doesn't like looking at nice trade show bags and handbags? But all in all, this is a conceptual clip.. think about the metaphors of all of these clips. Then think about how you can shoot your own metaphorical stuff. 

Just so you understand... all three of these (and many more sold in just the last couple of weeks). I hope this inspires you to make yours. If you are unsure of the howto, then please pick up a copy of my e-book here as this is exactly what I write about and explain in detail.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

And sometimes it is pure luck!

So a couple of post ago I wrote about:

Sometimes it's luck with a little knowledge, other times...

This time I am writing about it being pure luck. I have the fortune of living in Tucson, AZ. This is the home of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Commander Mark Kelly. As you may know, the Commander was the Flight Commander of the very last flight of the space shuttle Endeavor. Actually, he was the Commander of the very last mission of the shuttle program altogether. His wife, Gabrielle, well, she put Tucson on the map in a very unfortunate way as we all should know. But she is a strong woman and has beat the odds on every front. Fantastic!

In any case, as these two very prominent individuals are local residents, it was arranged for the carrier (a big and bad customized 747 jet) along with Endeavor on board, to fly over our little city in honor of both of these individuals. Very nice! This would also be the very last flight Endeavor will ever make before it finds its final home in California in a museum. We were forewarned that this flight would come in low at approximately 1500 ft and fly over the University of Arizona Campus at 11:15 am on Sept 20th, 2012. So it did. Now that is a nice story isn't it? But it gets better...

I was actually aware of this event and prepped my cameras. I was also engaged with a plumber at the time on my house's roof as they were flushing (power jetting) all of my drains via the roof vents. So there I am on my roof keeping lookout for this big, bad and gigantic piggyback loaded 747. We all suspected it would come from the east so of course that is where I looked. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted the beast coming in the military flight path from the south east (over the I-10 freeway). Actually quite a way from me and not a good shot as it was pretty hazy and my lens wouldn't have reached for anything of value. Bummer. 

So I figured I would see if I could track the sucker for a few moments thinking he was headed straight over Davis Monthan AFB and then over the campus as planned. I basically conceded to the fact that I would miss this once and never again in a lifetime event. Double bummer. 

Then all of a sudden I hear this roaring noise coming from the south... I couldn't see anything as the big tree in my front yard was in the way. I grabbed the cameras just in case... and good thing I did....

In slow motion:

The tail:

Real time with sound:

These are now available at Stock Video by vadervideo at Pond5: The World's Stock Footage Marketplace

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sometimes it's luck with a little knowledge, other times...

They say luck or being lucky can happen. I think not. I believe in luck for sure, but luck is something one creates based on prior experience. And here is what I mean by that...

This summer (2012) we decided to go on a trip through northern Arizona all the way up to Colorado. Knowing it was monsoon season, I expected to see some pretty amazing stuff as this is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Yes, storms with neat cloud patterns and of course lightning. But this time I had a sidekick along that wanted to learn how this is done. My son decided that taking photographs is a pretty cool hobby. So we jumped at any opportunity to shoot footage or get some neat shots. Cameras were always locked and loaded so to speak. That part had nothing to do with luck... that was the experience side. We always checked in on the local radar as well using our latest technology... my smartphone. Again knowledge, not luck. However, when it comes to weather, one can only hope that the storm patterns are on one's side. It also helps if there is a good road to drive on to stay ahead of such an event. This may be the luck part. Well in July of 2012 this all came together in one of the most famous and historical places in the west - Monument Valley. We shot. We conquered. The final result yielded some really nice footage (simply mouse over to see the clips, click on one to purchase):

The bottom line: If you want to capture nature at its finest, pay attention to it and study it. Learn to use the tools at hand and leverage technology. Who knows? You might just get lucky.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Transit of Venus - Voila!

A few posts ago I wrote a little about how I would attempt to film in time-lapse the transit of Venus. Basically or simply, a single polka dot traversing the great b all in the sky we call the Sun.

As it turned out, it seemed to work out far better than I could have imagined. Even though we were literally dying in the heat of about 107 degrees for about 5 hours, we did manage to keep the cameras cool by simply using that aluminum foil wrapping method around the front of the camera body, basically the same method I used for the solar eclipse a few weeks prior.

The one an major difference this time was that I used a solar filter cover over the lens as opposed to using extreme levels of ND filtration along with polarizing filters. Although that may have worked, this time I just wanted to see how this method would look. So on the way to my shooting location I visited my friends over at Starizona. They not only had the materials on hand to create such a filter, but actually helped me by assembling one (custom mind you!) for my 200mm lens. I actually shot at 400mm with the 2x converter attached. Yes, this was really sweet. I literally got the filter about an hour before the beginning of filming Have a look at the image. The filter is the square thing or thin foil on the lens made of a special material designed to view the sun without going blind or burning up your camera's sensor! Again, the guys at Starizona were unbelievably awesome in helping with this project as he assembled the ring from poster board layers wrapped in a circle to match the size of the lens and for a snug fit. He also silicone glued the film onto this "ring" of poster board and voila! Of course the thing dried very quickly due to our heat. So I was in business just in time.

So without further blah blah.. here is some samples of the results:

The Stock Footage:

The Fine Art:

From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012
From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012
From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012
From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012
The Promo:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

And now, an Interview with

Fellow stock media artist Martin Ellerbeck of and I did a remote link up interview recently about the stock media arts. I (of course) highly recommend that anyone and everyone watch this as there is some pretty fun stuff here:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why Engineers Should Read my Book!

One of the interviewees from my series "Notes from the Field", Alister Chapman recently posted a link to yet another film maker (F-Stop Academy) that blogged about an interesting topic;

Why it’s harder for Engineers to become film makers…

It didn't take a microsecond for me to figure out what this topic was about! Before I even read it I knew exactly what it pertained to. Why? Simply put and in a nutshell; that is what I am preaching in my book "Shut Up and Shoot!" So if you really want to know the secret to all of this... it's really simple - Just Shut Up and Shoot!

And for those of you that missed the video with me and Alister, here it is:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Calculating the Time Lapse of the 2012 Venus Transit Event

This year is just full of celestial events! We already had our solar eclipse and not a few weeks later comes an event that won't happen again for about a century or so. Basically we won't be here to see the next one in 2117  unless you happen to find the fountain of youth. This event known as the Venus Transit Event or the Transit of Venus is actually quite interesting to see. 

Basically, this is where the planet Venus simply transits in front of the sun. What one should see is an almost perfect black spot transit or travel across or in front of the sun over a period that will take quite a while. The entire event takes about 6 hours to complete*. Of course where I am located (Tucson, AZ), I will only see about 90% of the transit as the sun will set before it finishes. This was also the case with the solar eclipse a few weeks ago. I should be able to capture most of this event provided:

  1. My cameras don't overheat! (We are in the 100's and in the open direct sunlight this is not so cool.)
  2. My batteries hold up. (I have many so this should be okay.)
  3. I don't faint from heat exhaustion. (Gatorade is gonna make some money on this one!)
  4. I actually go out and shoot the event. (Still a maybe as it is in the middle of the week - Tuesday, June 5th, 2012)
  5. I don't forget to bring my aluminum foil for the cameras. (Yes, this actually worked for the Solar Eclipse and kept the cameras nice and cool.)
  6. And last but not least - the weather! The forecast states it should be clear and hot as hell! Did I mention we are in the 100's?

So here are some examples of what was shot just a couple of weeks ago during the Solar Eclipse:

From my 300mm lens:

From my 200mm lens with a 2x converter (basically a 400mm):

WARNING: For those of you that plan on shooting such an event, remember to protect the eyes. Never look straight into the sun. Get yourself some of those sun viewing glasses. In regards to the cameras themselves, always use super strong filtering with as many steps down as possible. The above sequences were shot with 8.6 stops fader ND filters as well as extreme fast shutter speeds (1/1250 for 300mm and 1/4000 for 400mm) and enormously high f-stops (f-22).

Needless to say, stay tuned! Check back frequently to see if everything cooperated and the Venus Transit Authority, ah, I mean the Venus Transit Event was captured by your's truly. 

*If you noticed that there was an asterisk in the above text, then you will realize that there are some calculations that need to be made to figure out just what type of frequency still captures will be needed to accomplish this. I actually created a new spreadsheet that you can download for free that will help in calculating the process for long events such as this. Simply right click here and select "save as" to save this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to your computer. I call this spreadsheet the Time Lapse Calculator for Long Events. It will let you enter the frame rate you expect in your final time lapse as well as, and of course the event's length in hours and minutes. The end result will tell you the frequency or time between exposures. Oh. And don't forget to order the e-Book by clicking on the link to the top right. This will really help you understand how to successfully accomplish wonderful time lapse production. Just in case you are savvy and read all the way down to here, you can get a 20% discount for simply entering the discount code of "VENUS" (no quotes, just word all caps)! That's a whopping $7.80 off the regular price. Cool. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Delightful review of "Shut Up and Shoot" from England

My friend Martin Ellerbeck from the other side of that pond we know as the Atlantic has fully read the book and acknowledged that fact that I can spell. As you will see in this video, he got the message loud and clear. There are no secrets other than having a "Pint" and relaxing while shooting for stock. And yes, I have been able to thoroughly brain wash my English counterpart into actually generating more stock. My evil plan is working!

 He also makes mention at his very own blog known as or more specifically at this entry. Martin, you continue to entertain us with your wonderful humor and I can't thank you enough for the mention of my eBook in your video(s). (Notice the "s" in parentheses at the end of "video" - this is a hint hint to Martin to make many more such videos with plugs of course and to keep on shooting stock.)

If you want to see some of Martin's work on Pond5 - then simply visit the bin:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Upgrade Info - Adobe CS6 and 3rd Party Plugins

So I got my Adobe CS6 Production Premium Suite updates yesterday! Wahoo! I proceeded to install and everything went nice and smooth considering it was about midnight. I had to wait for some other tasks to finish first on yet another project. In any case, today or should I say this morning I am in the process of updating all of my plugins. They are:

So here is how it all went down, or simply how it went:

Red Giant Trapcode Suite:

  • Red Giant publishes that there are still issues with Particular 2.x as well as some possible issues with Form. But these are to be fixed soon. So due to this, I of course leave my CS5.5 install intact until I am assured everything is honky-dory. As far as the install/upgrade process - a cinch.. just install and select for CS6 when it asks. It will pick up your serial numbers automatically from prior installs.
  • Red Giant Magic Bullet - Looks, Cosmo and MisFire - same results as with the Trapcode Suite.. pretty quick and easy.
Boris FX:
  • BorisFX Suite (BCC Units - 3D stuff) - This is similar installation wise as RG, however, it installs everything and for the items you don't have licensed, it will simply do the 14 day trial. This kind of sucks as I now will have to manually remove those plugins that I didn't own to start with. And let me tell you, the way BorisFX names their stuff (totally confusing) this will not be that easy to figure out. It took an act of God for me to figure out what the different suites are actually named and how they are organized. TO this day I couldn't tell ya. Perhaps BorisFX should take note on this. Their whole licensing model is a total clusterf&&^. I hate it, but am stuck with it. So I digress.
Digital Juice:
  • Digital Juice - ColorRules - DJ has no mention of any upgrade regarding CS6 as of today. So I took a chance and simply copied their plugin from one directory to another. Or, should I say from the Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects CS5.5/Support Files/Plug-ins to  Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects CS6/Support Files/Plug-ins and then tried it.. whew! It worked!
  • Then there is the Andrew Kramer stuff - you know that cool set of tools from VideoCopilot. Again, no mention of anything special for CS6 - so I used the same method as I did for Digital Juice - so far so good.. I tested in particular (pardon the pun) Optical Flares.. came right up without a hickup. Nice! As far as Twitch and the other goodies - I have full confidence that they too shall work without issues. Hey, the stuff is from Andrew and I wouldn't expect anything less. 
So now it's time to play and see the new features in action and maybe create a couple of AE projects for the purpose of selling them as stock media. Stay tuned.. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Profitable Side-Effects - Section 15

For those of you that are enjoying the eBook and have glazed through Section 15 (More Profitable Side-Effects), may want to get a bit of a better idea, or ideas of just what really can occur and how to leverage your hard work even more.

It's Spring time! The blossoms are blooming, the wildlife is awake and the insects are hard at work. This is probably one of the most appealing times in the desert other than the monsoon season. At least for me. Now I know that many can't stand the monsoon season here in Arizona due to the extreme heat and humidity. But that is what makes for great storm footage. On the other hand Spring time offers up a real treat. Not only is the weather awesome, but the natural events of things blooming is also very cool. However, there is a time limit on these events.

For example; a Hedgehog cactus only blossoms for about a week or so. So timing is crucial for capturing such an event. Particularly when it can take up to 4 hours on any given day for the blossoms to open, starting in the wee early morning. Not just that, but catching the right day where the blossoms are in full bloom. 

I shot this clip (in .jpg and RAW format!) this year, shortly before heading off to Las Vegas for the NAB show. I just had to. It was an obsession. I spent those 4 hours shooting a time-lapse just to get the visual effect of a blossom opening. I wondered while shooting if it would be a salable clip. Who cares? It is nature at its finest. But most likely at some point it will sell. Actually it will sell as both a piece of stock and as fine art. I am sure of that. It is usually just a question of time. Worst case scenario; I was able to capture nature doing its thing in time-lapse. Just more experience and more time with the camera. Oh, and it was a real treat and fun too.

Processed using Adobe After Effects. View the tutorial on this process:

And here is the resulting footage:

And then of course an image that can be blown up to a full 20"x30" for the Fine Art Gallery as well:

From Mopic Fine Art Gallery 2011-2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ZAXWERKS NAB Special good through 05/15/2012

Another great deal from Zaxwerks, Inc., the makers of ProAnimator and Invigorator Pro are offering NAB2012 specials until May 15th, 2012. For example; get ProAnimator Bundle (a $1643 value) for $950, or Invigorator Pro Bundle (a $1493 value) for $770.

These are plug-ins for a variety of NLE's as well as of course Adobe After Effects.

Better hurry though.. these deals don't last forever.

Use code NAB2012 on their web store: for any of their products for discounts today.

Of course if you are seeing this after the expiration date, you will most likely always find a deal over at on these and many other products as well.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Super Deals for Super Artists!

I have this extreme feeling of guilt which forces me to share the following information with you. The guilt comes from me getting a deal and not letting you know about it right away. Of course I only found out about it at NAB a couple of days, no, one day ago.. just as I was headed out on the last day of the show.... Yes, this is urgent for anyone one of you that likes super discounts on stuff. By stuff, I mean software, or should I say plug-ins?

In any case, for those of you that want things to slow down a bit, and maybe be less "noisy", not to mention morph into other things and lots more, then use code REVisionNAB2012 and order your Effections Bundle from RE:Vision Effects ( software company right away. "Why?" You dare ask? Well, simply because the deal ends on May 4th, 2012. That's why! 

By using this code, you will get a 50%, yes that's 50% off on the Effections Bundle. That is one heck of an NAB 2012 special!

There. Now I don't feel so guilty anymore. Just use the code and see what the discounts are. They are unbelievable across the board. But you had better do it before May 4th or else you wallet will really be empty.


P.S. Don't tell 'em I sent you. It's supposed to be a secret.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Shut Up and Shoot Released!

So a few hours ago I posted that stuff below the line. And in reality it is all true -  midnight has passed, at least on the International Dateline. So yes, to answer your question; you can now purchase and download your very own copy of this #1 seller! Alright, it may not be number one yet, but hey, I can always dream. So get yours today! Enjoy.

To order simply click on the link above titled "Buy Now" for a full description of the eBook and buttons to click on for purchase, or just click on the big button in the right-hand column... either way, you need this for sure! :)


<Posted a few hours ago before the post above :) >
I really appreciate the enthusiasm of responses that I am getting. Thank you all for inquiries and such, and most of all the interest you are showing.

So here is the scoop: Tonight at midnight the buttons go live and you can order the eBook online with instant download. You will also get to download a couple of free gifts in the form of spreadsheets to help you on your time-lapse calculations.

There are also several video tutorials online that go hand in hand with the eBook and actually show you some nifty dirty tricks on how to process footage quickly and efficiently.

Basically; it's all coming together tonight!

I personally am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with the ordering system. (A well established company is handling that for me. See the link below.) - I will be on the road tomorrow on my way from Tucson to Las Vegas so that I can be at NAB starting Monday. I will be talking to several companies and hopefully be doing many interviews that will be related to this topic and eBook. So in any case - always check back as there will most likely be lots of new information as supplement coming down the pike. (Or should I say down the "Net"?)

Thanks again for all your support and good reading.

Andreas K. Hohl - Author "Shut Up and Shoot!"

  E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just About There - Are You Ready? 2 Days to GO!

Hello all!

Here we are 2 days before the release of the eBook and things are getting exciting around here. I have been putting together all the possible places you may want to visit that actually support this eBook. So check out the links above under "Links & Videos". And of course you are always welcome to have a look at the "Free Preview!" as well. 

When the store opens, I will be preparing and heading out to Las Vegas to NAB, the industry trade-show. Of course I will be submitting lots of stuff over the several days starting Monday, April 16, to the Facebook page, probably twitter and also here. So keep on checking in to get the latest news on cool stuff related to this industry and of course this eBook. 

The countdown commences! 

As a side note: When I started writing this book, I really wasn't sure about how it would be received. After all, this is my first. I have distributed copies to various individuals that are mentioned throughout the book as references etc... and wow... they like it! I hope to get some reviews back from some of these individuals and when I do, I will certainly post them. (Good or Bad).  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

EBook to be Released April 14th - Shut Up and Shoot!

A preview trailer of the ebook coming out April 14th, 2012
Shut Up and Shoot
and Make Lightning Strike Twice
(How to Become an Out of This World Stock Media Artist)
by Andreas Hohl (VaderVideo)
(Click on the Free Preview! above)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Cover - Preview

I thought about what the real title of this book/e-book should be for quite a while. It was dilemmatic to say the least. And yes, I just made up that word; dilemmatic. It is an extract from the word dilemma. I figure since so many politicians make up new words, why can't I? In any case, here is what I think the final version of the title and book cover shall be. Stay tuned as I am diggin' in my heals to get the product finished. Yes, I see the light... no not that one... the one at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This e-Book's Deployment Paradox - A Monster in the Works

So here it is. A new year. A new season. And already many revisions.

I have been debating myself on just how to release this Insider's Guide to the Stock Medial Industry so that it makes sense without facing deadlines and without having to inject midstream revisions. By definition an e-book is a product that you can download in its completeness and then read at your leisure on whatever device you so happen to do this on. However, the problem with this is that such an e-book is finite in nature. At least until the next revision comes out. Right?

Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel...

Well folks! Yes, it can happen and it is happening as we speak. I am starting to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. For the last couple of months I have been trying diligently to make progress on this what I now call my version of "War and Peace". Albeit, it is nowhere near as long as War and Peace, however it sure seems that way sometimes.